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Muhammad Talal | PHP & OpenSource Programmer - PHP & OpenSource Programmer

Welcome To My Website

Welcome To My Personal Website! My Name is Muhammad Talal. I was waiting to have some spare time to work out on this website but due to some projects i couldn’t get time to work on my personal website. Finally i got some time to work on my site. I have made it in spare time so it will be frequently updated as i will get some spare time. This site is designed on the Basis of CSS, so you need a CSS compliant browser to view this website.

In my site I would like to discuss myself. If you would like to take a look at the projects I have done, you can check them out in the top menu roll titled Projects.

You can also find some random images of mine in the photos section of the site.

Besides the other things, I have added an achievements page where I have listed my achievements.

Also, I am working to write articles on various subjects of programming for my friends and the new people who are new in the field of programming. However, this is not only restricted to the new programmers, I am going to add code segments and blizzards of information that shall be of advanced level (insha Allah).

Well I thank you for visiting my site and feel free to browse around and comment on anything on this site.