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E-13 Chapter 10 Test

Total Marks: 55
Time Allowed: 1:40 Hours


Q 1 What is the difference between top down and bottom up approaches of coding?
Q 2 What different types of testing should be carried out to assure quality of a software
Q 3 How would you differentiate between blackbox and whitebox testing. Why do you think is regression testing important?
Q 4 What are the situations in which RAD model is the fittest solution.
Q 5 What is heuristic development. Discuss its suitability
Q 6 Discuss package acquisition process briefly.
Q 7 What is version control. What is library management?
Q 8 Discuss PERT, WBS, Gantt charts and CASE briefly
Q 9 Discuss at least three cutover techniques



E-13 Chapter 9 Test

Total Marks: 55
Time Allowed: 1:40 Hours


Q 1 State the 7 reasons illustrating the need for control and audit of computerized systems.
Q 2 Differentiate between data security and data integrity with example of each
Q 3 Why should an audit organization have an approved audit charter? What could be included in such a charter?
Q 4 Differentiate between internal and external audits with respect to various aspects?
Q 5 Discuss the elements of a solid audit plan.
Q 6 Are CAAT good or bad for auditing? support your answer with valid reasons
Q 7 “An information system should have a control system”. Why?
Q 8 Discuss the term Risk Analysis. What is the difference between risk assessment and risk mitigation?


E-13 Chapter 5 Test

Total Marks: 55
Time Allowed: 1 Hour


Q 1 Define ERP? What are features of a good ERP system?
Q 2 Discuss the components of an ERP system
Q 3 Being MIS manager of Alpha & Co. you are given the task to select ERP for your organization. What factors will you consider while selecting an ERP??
Q 4 Discuss the growing role of ERP involving Chartered Accountants.
Q 5 Discuss the benefits of an ERP system


E-13 Chapter 4 Test

Total Marks: 20
Time Allowed: 35 minutes


Q 1 What is SCM? brief with at least three real life examples
Q 2 How would you differentiate between SCM & ERP? Give valid reasons to support your answer
Q 3 What are the challenges of market driven customer service strategy?


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