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Portfolio – OkXray - Muhammad Talal | PHP & OpenSource Programmer

Portfolio – OkXray

  • Project Title: http://www.okxray.com
  • Attachment: none
  • Completed: 09/20/2010
  • URL: http://www.okxray.com
  • Description: http://www.okxray.com is the website of Radiology Associates USA. Its basically a Joomla based website. The site provides the following facilities the user:

    1. Patient Registration
    2. Online Forms
    3. Exam & Prep
    4. Online Bill Pay

    It exports the user’s filled form in JPG image format and through an IPSEC tunnel saves the images on the Company’s server

    Tools Used: Joomla, HTML/CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Javascript

    Role: Programmer/Project Manager